Champion result!

Success - go get it (written on a blackboard)

Congratulations to Katarina Johnson-Thompson on her World Championship medal.  As I watch the footage of her amazing two days of events, and of her setbacks in the past, her story resonates with me in terms of the life of small business owners.

She has had major implosions in previous championships.  She put herself out there, and things went wrong.  Lesser people would never have tried, but she took the risk and felt the pain of failing but then got back into gear and finally reached the rostrum.  I see the same in business (my own and other’s).  We have good and bad years, good and bad ideas, we might take a job that doesn’t work out and we leave after a few months.  But somehow we don’t let that define us and we come back for another go and mostly, it seems, it works out.

Watching KJT’s face as she ran down the final straight of the 800m, I sensed a feeling of determination and resilience.  There was no Bolt-like showboating, no agonising diving for the line to win by a whisker.  Just steady, determined, resilient completion of the task at hand.

In those last few seconds, KJT knew that she just needed one foot in front of another, to calmly get the job done.  She also knew that she didn’t win gold in those last few seconds, she won them in the years of training, of failing at other championships, of learning hard lessons, and correcting the source of failure.  Her lack of adrenaline and drama was telling – she just quietly (it seemed to me) got on with the job.

I am in no way a world champion like KJT.  I have neither the talent, athleticism or drive to achieve what she has done, which is why I admire her.  But I feel I know how that final straight feels.  I’m in my own now.  The years of dreaming, planning, spreadsheeting, working, investing, organising and talking are all slowly coming to fruition.  I know that if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other my dream will come true (24 weeks for those who are counting with me).  The final straight still feels long, and something unforeseen could knock me off the path (not sure what that would be in this metaphor – a track invasion or tripping over a stray dog?!), but I trust that my past performances have now put me in the best position to get over the line.

What’s your equivalent?  What actions do you need to keep taking to reach your world championship gold?

And KJT is already thinking of “what next?”  She knows the Olympics are next year, and she needs to do just as well in 12 months to secure her next place in history.  I have huge adventures to look forward to on the other side of my current finishing line too.

What will you be aiming for on the other side of your current big goal?

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