Lockdown Reflections and a Bit of Bully

So, we’re into week 2 of this shared experience, and it seems we’re all coping slightly differently. Some families are getting very creative <this clip is amazing>, while other are adapting to home schooling and the pain inflicted by Joe Wicks.

Here in Devon we’re still adjusting to not being on the trip we planned for ten years.  We’ve accepted the reality, and fully realise we are a lot luckier than many others, but it is hard not to indulge in a few wistful thoughts of what might have been, especially as we still thought we might get to do it as late as March 14th.  How quickly things changed!

I’m reminded of that bit at the end of Bullseye when Jim Bowen said to the couple from Warrington “Look what you could have won” and revealed a spangly speedboat or a new caravan.  There seemed an element of rubbing their nose in it, but they still did it every week.

Many of you subscribed to this blog to live vicariously through us as we travelled, and now we could only show you pictures of one parish in Devon (and we’re avoiding that at the moment so as not to incite the anti-second-home brigade). So, here’s a bit of what we might have been doing if we’d made it to France.

We are establishing our daily and weekly lockdown routine. We’re getting our allowed one exercise each day and here we can walk for a couple of hours and only see a handful of people. We’re avoiding honeypot sites like the coast path or the beach, and instead are walking the lanes inland. After 17 years in small business, attending regular networking events there were two things I was missing. Obviously the interesting conversations, but also the cooked breakfasts, so this morning I cooked myself some sausages and bacon as a treat!

Yesterday we had our weekly foray to a supermarket, which was a relief because even Old Mother Hubbard would have been shocked at the state of the fridge. Scurvy was a real and present danger. Waitrose were operating a limit on people in the store so while Bev went to sort the scanner thing, I asked the security guard if we could both go in, or just one of us. He said, and I quote, “The rule is one person per shop, unless your mother…” (referring to Bev) “… is a vulnerable person.” In his defence, Bev had her back to us, and was hunched over having queued in the cold, but I really thought Bev was going to break all manner of social distancing rules and clock him. Or at least bite his ankle.  She can see the funny side now…

Me with Bev (Not my Mum!)

Finally for this post, I am reflecting on how much the world has changed in just a few weeks. Who knows when it will return to some semblance of normality, or what the new normal will look like. It has really brought home how quickly one becomes out of touch in retirement. These few months will be defining times for my former peers in small business, and I will never know the anguish they are going through now.

I had considered offering my help, as a coach, whilst we are here in lockdown. However, I realise that all those good friends I have in the coaching world are so much better placed to help, because they are living it too.  So, I offer myself for chats as a friend, but I cannot justify offering myself as a coach. 

And I can only admire those who are putting in extra hours, handling huge stress, worrying about the future for themselves and their staff and still being there for their customers, their families and their communities.  Obviously our frontline NHS and other services are undertaking heroic actions at the moment, but so are the army of people in small businesses up and down the land.  The NHS will get us through this, but it is those small business people who will rebuild for us.

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  1. Great read James especially the bit about Bev being your mother! 😂😂 Keep the updates coming, keep safe sending lots of love xx

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