Paris in Springtime

Well, still Devon actually, but we can but dream…  As we enter week seven of life here, like others under lockdown we’ve settled into a routine.  Our limited excitement in the week is a trip to the supermarket, and our voluntary runs to the pharmacist to collect prescriptions for local old folks.  Of course, we’re also adjusting to being “retired” (technically we are economically inactive, but let’s not split hairs – especially as I have so few to start with).  Our routine includes a daily walk, so we now know every path and lane in the parish, and some of the neighbouring villages.

As we re-trace our steps on different routes, it is fascinating to observe how the landscape is changing as the weeks go by.  Fields that were ploughed in our first week or so are now sporting green shoots a few inches high (we’re dreading still being here when the wheat is harvested!) and the main beach here is remodelled regularly by the waves – the river that flows through the beach changes shape with every tide, and after storms last week the sand is now buried below deep seaweed – until the next storm or high tide.

Spring is definitely in the air, even if we’re not in Paris.  The fields now bound with young lambs and calves, the hedges are encroaching on the narrow lanes and the brown, lifeless woodland of March is giving way to vibrant bushes and abundant, noisy birdlife.

Lambs in a field
Bantham Beach, and some lambs

The flowers are the most obvious indicator – we arrived at the very end of daffodils, have seen primroses come and go, are well into carpets of bluebells and are currently enjoying the smell and look of wild garlic in many of the hedgerows and woods.

All of this is a reminder that, whilst all our lives are on hold with lockdown, the world keeps turning, the sun still comes up and nature has its own rhythm.  It provides a beautiful reminder that “this too will pass”.

A woodland scene with wild garlic flowers
Wild Garlic in our favourite woodland

Who knows whether we will see Devon through the summer – it looks likely we will be here for a while yet, so the flowers will change again, the hedgerows will thicken further and we will see the crops mature.  At least we can be grateful we get to see it.

We hope you are getting to see the beauty of Spring wherever you are, perhaps you will have the opportunity to enjoy it more than ever before.  Wherever you are, stay home, stay safe and stay in touch.

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