Testimonial from a Perfect Client!

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Tracey and Sarah from Thewlis Graham Associates (I have their permission to name them).  In many ways, they were ideal clients – they were prepared, engaged, have an interesting business, and they brought biscuits…

They added to their perfection by volunteering to provide a testimonial – so that I can try and attract other perfect clients just like them.  If you know anyone…

Here’s what Sarah had to say:

We spent half a day with James to take a strategic look at the business and to think about positioning it going forward. James supported us beforehand by getting us to prepare thoroughly in terms of data collection and analysis. The actual session with him was hugely beneficial; he has a style and approach that makes you think and test out assumptions, but in a very supportive non-confrontational environment.  The outcome was that we gained clarity and vision that we can now build on.”

Sarah Thewlis, Thewlis Graham and Associates

At a networking event this morning, we had the discussion of whether planning was sexy – I was a firm advocate of the “Yes” vote!  But you can’t plan without the vision beforehand – and it was a pleasure to work with Sarah and Tracey on clarifying their vision last week.  More clients like that would be perfect!

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