The Naked Truth

Channel Four have recently aired a series called Naked Beach, a reality TV show centred on the premise that if you spend time around people comfortable being naked you will become comfortable with being naked yourself.  In each show, three guests with body confidence issues are hosted by a group who are very body confident (despite not having supermodel bodies).

What limiting beliefs prevent you revealing the naked truth (on a beach or otherwise)?

I recommend watching the programme, some of the psychology is fascinating.  As I watched I wondered whether it was something other than the nakedness of the hosts that had an impact on the guests.  The hosts, as well as being comfortable with their bodies, were unfailingly positive in outlook.

To see the guests’ reactions to the exercises emphasised the importance of this outlook – those guests that had positive mindsets (growth mindset as Carol Dweck would call it) seemed to respond more quickly to the challenges.  In fact, seeing the guests undertake the same exercises and react differently reminded me of the maxim:

Two people can experience the same thing but have very different experiences.

The impact of what happens to us is as dependent on how we react as it is on what happens.  Our mindset determines our experience.  To see the power of our preconceptions, watch this excellent video from camera manufacturer Canon (and thanks to Chaz Snell for introducing me to the video).

I believe our experience is our choice.  Of course, to quote Forrest Gump, “Sh.t happens”, but how we experience that happening is our choice.  We can choose how we react.

How do you generally react?

Are you positive or negative?

Are you a multiplier, increasing the positivity, or a Death Eater, sucking the energy from a room?

What do you choose to be going forward?

Most of us face limiting self-beliefs of one form or another.  Many may hold beliefs that would stop us having the confidence to be naked – literally and metaphorically.  Yet we are brighter than we realise, and can achieve more than we can dream of.  Face up to the naked truth of how great you are, and be free to realise it.

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